Unique Wood For Sale

We will be adding unique items to this page as we are able.  If you would like a particular piece please email  browerj@frontiernet.net or call at 605-595-5796 in the evening.  If it is a small item it may go out immediately.

Maple Burl annd Walnut Burl Round

/uploads/7c/bf/7cbf18f3eff605e453afa57a8e4236f6/thumb-Mapl-Burl-Slab-front-view.JPG /uploads/91/4f/914f79339635594f3e4ed1e24364fe02/thumb-Maple-Burl-Slab-rounds-side-view.JPG /uploads/ad/2b/ad2bee4a7da55ff18296e724e8d4b370/thumb-Walnut-Burl-rounds.jpg

I have large round slabs of maple burl and walnut burl 2-4" thick as well as turning chunks.  Contact me directly to let me know what you are looking for.

Unique Wood (limited to quantity in photo)